Repas-daffaire-Venise-300x224We organize business events, making them the most unique as well as the simplest in Venice. We accompany our customers in each organization phase of their professional event: from traditional professional lunches to entertaining work cocktails to the most spectacular gala parties to the most exclusive convention or the warmest end of year party.

We also exclusively create the simplest events, thanks to our portfolio of venues with atmospheres matching diverse demands ranging from shows to the search and selection of hostesses and stewards. Constant control and coordination, budget optimisation and layout and service optimisation: our objectives are your success.

Professional lunch

Work lunches are occasions and opportunities to wrap up business or to pave the way for new projects. We make them unique thanks to a finger food menu served quickly and managed so that the quality of service is fundamental to create a simple, professional meal during a relaxed moment. Thanks to our venue and catering portfolio in Venice and its region, we can offer you the most appropriate place for your work lunch or even your convention.gala diner

Gala dinner

The Gala dinner is the most formal way to share a moment of pleasure and success among colleagues outside the company. We are ready to make your Gala dinner sophisticated thanks to the light and colour displays that go together with the more simple colours of the doors. We pay particular attention to the carefully prepared setting where nothing is left to improvisation.


Professional lunchConventions have several goals: to inform, to launch new initiatives, to examine current problems and to celebrate important occasions. The convention is a strategic activity for each company and is therefore planned, organized and managed. We will help you in this event’s organization, centring on main objectives, the type of event to create and the message that must be communicated while optimising the available budget.

Business cocktail

Business cocktails allow work colleagues to meet up outside the work context, socializing and enjoying each other’s company together. They generate the idea of celebrating special occasions and to share time together as well as work issues. Acrobats, fire-eaters and fortune tellers can make your Venice cocktail even better.

Search and selection of hostesses and stewards in Venice

hostesses and stewards in VeniceWe are in constant search of professionals who know how to respond to each type of business event. We select them through curriculum vitae analysis and though a casting process: hostesses, stewards and models. We carefully select entertainers, dancers, technicians, stage artists, musicians, interpreters, translators, hair dressers and stylists; the resources for each one are the most appropriate for the details of the event and they will know how to respond to the client’s demands.

Reception venue rental

The choice of reception venue that can correspond to the technical and organizational requests of an event is fundamental. Our portfolio of reception venues ranges from the Venetian Palace to the Palladian town, to the castle at Yatch and to the congress centre. After a briefing with the customer to forecast the event, we optimise the time and the budget of the company to find him the venue for his reception.