The seminar is now a management tool that is indispensable to the proper functioning of a business.  The number of attendees at a seminar can range from ten to several hundred. A seminar takes place outside the usual work environment. It can take place in another city or setting like the mountains. It can also be long or short. It can even be held abroad.

Gather your employees in the relaxed but exotic atmosphere of Venice to announce company results and new objectives. During the seminar, integrate some fun activities to encourage team building and team development. Foster the spirit of camaraderie and team cohesion in pursuit of common objectives.

Motivational seminar or incentive.

  • Bring the team together through cultural, artistic or sports activities.
  • Reward meritorious acts to improve group dynamics.
  • Co-workers get to know each other outside of the professional environment.
  • Foster a fun and convivial atmosphere where new bonds can be formed.
Séminaire team building Venise
management seminar

Management Seminar

  • Bring you executives together to talk about strategy, methods, budget.
  • Choose extra professional gifts.
  • Give participant’s time to analyze and share in a friendly environment.
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