Absolutely! The present terms and conditions are related to the company VENICE-ETC, in the framework of contractual and financial commitments offered to its customers. The terms and conditions apply to all services carried out by the company VENICE-ETC. They are addressed to the client at the same time as the event organization contract.
All intervention of VENICE-ETC must clarify an estimated, detailed and personalized quote given back or sent (by email, fax, and/or letter) to the Client. This quote includes the designation and type of services determined from the Client’s expressed request along with the pertaining methods and costs therein.
The Client gives a mandate to VENICE-ETC which accepts the responsibility of the corresponding event organization, from the present to the final stage, to the criteria that will be described in the contract known as ‘’event organization contract’’.
Throughout the duration of the mandate, the organizer commits to researching and implementing all the components as defined in the contract. At the customer’s request, VENICE-ETC completes a first free appointment of all financial commitment of the Client. During this first appointment, a contact is established allowing to list the reception parameters envisaged by the client.

The Organizer is obliged to respect criteria that can be redefined if more precise specifications are established and accepted by the parties.

The organizer will keep the Client informed of the development of his file and will provide the plan of the selected services. The organizer is committed to not divulge information – that will be bound by confidentiality – provided by the Client.

VENICE-ETC provides you with its experience, its creativity, its relationships with the best partners to offer you a customized response. According to your request, one or more offers will be communicated to you, by email or by telephone. Each option is explained and calculated. VENICE-ETC invoices you a flat fee for the entire organization of your event visit. The other services and supplies (hotels, restaurants,…) will be directly invoiced by the concerned partners, without extra cost.
Our company VENICE-ETC presents a civil professional guarantee of responsibility. It will not be held responsible for delays in the organization due to major forces such as human accidents, strikes, bad weather, rebellions or demonstrations. VENICE-ETC thus strongly advises the Client to also approach his broker/agent and/or insurer in order to subscribe to a cancellation insurance of the event and service(s) as featured in the quote.


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