The business soiree is meant to give the staff of your company an evening that highlights your values while building bonds between the teams in a festive and convivial atmosphere.

Different formats of events

The incentive event

Your people are the strength of your company, its engine. They must remain enthusiastic, full of ideas and dynamic throughout the years. An incentive evening or an incentive trip allows you to boost your people’s spirits in a festive and leisurely setting. You can choose what to have during your event: games and entertainment, team-building, sports activities. . . We can help you organize an incentive event that will reward your people by giving them a nice break in a fun environment.

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Party business event

Business Anniversary

This is a great way to communicate the solidarity of your company, the richness of the experiences you have acquired, and your readiness to take on future challenges. A company anniversary is an opportunity to cultivate a feeling of belonging within your people. It is also a chance to rally your teams around a similar message and cause. Finally, this is an opportunity to remind you people that your company’s success lies in their hands, with them being the engine of the business.

An Inaugural Evening

If you are going to inaugurate a new building or new activity, you don’t want it to go unnoticed. We can help you throw an inauguration that will get noticed and remain in the memories of your guests. Our agency will take care of everything from the planning for the evening to the cutting of the ribbon. Contact us and you will discover just what Venice DMC can do for you.

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vernissage, product launch

Product launch, vernissage

A vernissage is the private inauguration of an artistic exhibition. A product launch is the introduction of a company’s product to the world. Both events are opportunities to increase your company’s visibility and reputation. To make your company known to a wider audience.

Venice DMC will help you through the conceptualization of these events.

The gala evening

During a seminar, a colloquium, or a congress, the last evening is usually reserved for a gala evening. We can help you arrange this evening:  from the choice of venue, the entertainment, the restaurant, decorations, and lighting. Venice DMC can help you organize a memorable event.

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The important elements of a company party

For your evening to be successful, you need to create a spectacular event that will catch the attention of your guests. To do so you need to consider all of the following points. L’équipe Venice DMC, forte de ses nombreuses années d’expérience, saura créer la soirée entreprise qui correspond aux objectifs de communication que vous vous êtes fixés.

The intended audience

Before you begin organizing any other part of an incentive trip, it is important to identify who will be going. As an event agency, our approach will be different depending on who will be going on the trip, whether they be the company partners, the company employees or company customers. Who you intend to bring on the trip and what you want the trip to do for them will be analyzed by our team and we will present to you a concept that best suits your needs and your budget.

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les bons partenaires

Working with the best professionals

We will propose a reception venue, give you a choice of caterers, suggest decorations and lighting to set an atmosphere, entertainment options to keep the evening lively, and take care of logistics and set-up. Through our years of experience, we have been able to build a network of the best providers of catering, sound and light, decoration, animation and spectacle, and security services in the area. We rely on these trusted players to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices.

The place

We have been in Italy for more than 10 years and have a good position in Venetian society. We have a portfolio of trusted Venetian contacts who can help us open doors and give you an exclusive look at the real Venice. Whether you are looking for something classical or trendy, prestigious or quirky, romatic or unusual, we will help you find a place that meets your expectations and helps make your event unforgettable.

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Le traiteur

The caterer

Whether you want a seated dinner, a buffet, cocktails, a breakfast, or snacks, choosing the caterer to provide the dishes is as important as choosing the dishes. The quality of the dishes and the service are an integral part of an events success. We can introduce you to caterers who we trust and who we know will be able to come up with menus that will please your taste buds.

Entertainment and shows

Entertainment and shows are an important part of an evening’s festivities. Whether you want rock or classical music played or artistic animations shown, these will help set the mood of the evening and create a memorable atmosphere. We can advise you on appropriate artists who can help entertain your guest and set the mood that you want your event to have. The Venice DMC team has many years of experience in creating memorable company events in Venice.  Let us create an unforgetable company evening that will suit your objectives.

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