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Organizing corporate events

What to organize a company event but don’t know how to start? Follow this guide and ask yourself these questions.

Why are you organizing a company event?

When organizing a company event, you need to start with a clear purpose.  Are you organizing a seminar to promote team bonding? Are you inaugurating a new place or product? Are you celebrating a birthday or a company anniversary?

Deciding why you are throwing a company event is important as it will determine how you proceed. You don’t organize the same event for all purposes. The details of the event – who to invite, the decorations, the entertainment, the food and the budget will depend on making this first decision.

What is your budget?

The budget you need to set is dependent on the type of event you are planning.  How much you can and are willing to spend will impact the quality of your event.  Different venues, caterers, entertainers, decorators will charge you different rates. Decide on your budget and choose the service providers that will give you the quality you want for the budget you have.

What kind of food will you serve and how?

There are a variety of ways you can provide your guests with food, choose the one that matches your event type.

A sit-down dinner

A sit-down dinner is the pricier option but, it is also the most intimate. Seating your guests down for a meal allows them to hold real discussions around the table and in small groups. Once the dinner is over, you will want to provide some entertainment, such as dancing which will bring your guests to continue their good time.

A cocktail party

A cocktail party is the most popular choice for a corporate party. This will allow your guest to stroll around, sampling the food and drink, while chatting with different people and enjoying the entertainment provided. The cocktail party is also a little cheaper than a sit-down dinner.

A buffet spread

A buffet is an alternative solution that combines elements of the sit-down dinner and the cocktail party. If you are holding the event to launch a new food product, it’s also a great way to show off the product and give people a taste of what you have created.

How to connect everything?

Planning an event means you have to think about a lot of things – finding a venue, finding a caterer, finding equipment, finding entertainment.  There is also the coordination during the event itself. It’s not easy.  One of the best and most efficient ways to make sure your event comes together smoothly and happens just the way you want it to is to use an event planning agency.  While an agency fee’s might be an additional expense, in the long run you will actually save time and money as event agency know where to find the best local providers. They might even be able to get you a venue and other event needs at a lower price than if you had tried to do it yourself.  Hire an event planning agency, tell them what kind of event you want, then sit back and enjoy your company event.

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Why hire an event planning agency to organize your event?

You are planning your company’s event and one of the first questions you should ask is, should I hire an event planning agency to organize it for me? This is a good question and in this article, we are going to show you some reasons why the answer should be, yes.

They have a lot of experience

In most cases, event planning agencies have experienced project managers who know the event planning industry in your area like the back of their hands. Organizing events is part of their daily routine and they have organized so many of them that they know how to go about it efficiently.

They are creative and original

The professionals from an event planning agency organize tons and tons of events every year. Each of these events has to be memorable and unique. They have plenty of ideas for original themes and how to best implement these ideas. If you hire an event planning agency, you can be sure they will think of a lot of little original details to make your event one that will truly delight and amaze your guests.

They know how to stay within budget

A well planned event has a well-defined budget. We all know that sticking to a budget demands rigor and good organizational skills. Event planning agencies know how to get things done within a budget.  They know which suppliers and providers to call on to be able to get good service at prices that will not go over your budget.

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They will save time

Looking for an event venue, a caterer, entertainers and other things you need for you event takes time. Event planning agencies often have a list of reliable service providers that they have worked with before who they can quickly call on to provide what your event needs.

They will let you relax

Why organize an event if you’re not going to enjoy it? If you’re the one doing everything from start to finish, from planning to execution, you’re going to be too busy to enjoy your event. Hire an event planning agency and, on the day of the event all you have to do is enjoy, have fun and have a good time!

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How to choose an event planner?

You are organizing an event and are starting to feel overwhelmed and panicky. Between the service providers, the venue, the caterer and other event requirements, there are so many people you need to talk to and so many things you need to arrange!

A good way to cope with the stress of event planning is to hire an event planner, but how do you know which event planner to choose?

The one of which you are envious of

The first place to start is to the internet. Lookup event planners.  Most planners will have a webpage that will show you pictures and descriptions of past events they have planned. You’re going to have access to photos, videos, and customer reviews. Take a look at all of them and choose the planners who’s events you are envious of, who’s events look like something you yourself wish you had arranged. Think, what do you want your event to look like? Then choose the event planner who has arranged similar events.

The one that inspires you

While you are looking at a planner’s website, let your imagination run wild.

“Here is a great looking place.”

“The country department will love that animation.”

“If we could have this music, this lighting, that animation in this place, the event will be perfect!”

If, as you are looking at a planner’s page, you feel that something you see is exactly what you want to have in your event, if the planner inspires you they are the right planner for you to choose.

The one that can tailor an event to your needs

An event planner that offers readymade events is fine, but sometimes it is better to have a planner who will work with you to build an event especially for you.  Go for an event planner that is willing to personalize or customize details according to your needs. You want an event that reflects your company’s values, is tailored to your guests, and includes activities everyone will enjoy.  Choose an event planner that is willing to take your specific needs and wants into consideration.

The one that will listen to you

The first contact with an event planner is important. You should feel, even during your initial meeting that this planner will really listen to you.  Remember, you want a planner who is willing to design an event according to what you need and want. A planner who will listen to you, accommodate your ideas, and be able to contribute ideas that will work with your vision is the planner you should choose.

Choosing an event planner may sound complicated, especially since there are so many out there with good references and great looking webpage’s, so in the end choosing your event planner is a matter of choosing someone who you feel understands your vision.  Choose someone with who you can work with to come up with an event that will meet your expectations.

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The Incentive Journey: From A to Z

What better way is there to energize and motivate your team then an incentive journey? A short but unforgettable break that will become a fond and treasured memory.  If you have the budget for it, an incentive journey, is a great way to strengthen bonds between a company and its employees.

An incentive is a way to reward and motivate employees. The idea of the incentive has existed since the early 1980s in France and has since spread to other countries. The idea behind the incentive is to improve employee performance by rewarding them.

There are several different types on incentives.  One is team building, which deepens the bonds of understanding between the members of an organization.  Another is the adventure activity, which allows members to get to know each other by working towards a common goal outside of their normal activities. In this article, were going to talk about the incentive known as the incentive journey.

Between innovation and animation: A tailor-made trip

An incentive journey is not improvised; the project manager in charge of planning the trip must know the general policies of the company and the current trends. It’s important to be creative and innovative when planning an incentive journey to make sure that it satisfies the needs of the participants.

The choice of destination and the activities: Essential

An incentive journey gives its participants an opportunity to act like tourists, something that isn’t really included in other company sponsored events.  It’s therefore very important to choose the destination wisely.  You want to choose a relaxing place where people can get a break from their routine.  You should also choose the activities that will be available. You should aim to include activities that will have a beneficial impact on the minds of the participants and allow them to perform better.

Catering and accommodation: A preference for the atypical

Try to choose unusual places that bring new experiences for your employees, such as an underwater restaurant in the Maldives or a restaurant build of ice in Finland or a hotel cabin in India’s Wild Canopy reserve.

Many companies find it beneficial to use a travel agency that specializes in arranging incentive journeys.  This way, all they have to do is choose a date for the journey, the agency takes care of arranging the travel arrangements and the activities at the destination.

The concept of an incentive journey is growing in popularity and it is seen as a great way to improve the performance of a company by taking care of its most valuable asset – its people. After all, a happy and motivated employee is an efficient employee!

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