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How to Choose The Best Wedding Photographer

Wedding season is upon us. Even now, many brides and grooms are starting to prepare for their special day. There are a lot of important choices you need to make when planning your wedding, from the ceremony venue, to the caterer, to the color scheme . . . it’s often quite difficult to make these choices yourself.

In this post, we’re going to help you make one choice a lot easier.  In this post, we’re going to show you how to choose the best photographer for your wedding.

Choosing a wedding photographer is not something that should be undertaken lightly.  After all, the wedding photographer is in charge of capturing the memories of your wedding.  After the love you and your spouse share, the wedding photographs are the one thing that you take away and keep long after the wedding ceremony is over.

The quality of wedding photos depends on the photographer themselves.  When trying to decide between photographers, you should ask yourself the following questions:

How important are photos to you?

This is crucial question to ask because it will help you determine the budget that you are willing to allocate to a photographer.  If the aesthetics of the photographs don’t matter as much, and you’ll just be satisfied with good photos of your guest, there’s no need to hire the expensive but artistic photographer.  You can then spend the money on other things.  If – however – you really want a lot of shots and special effects – you should be willing and ready to spend a bit more for a professional photographer who can truly immortalize your union.

The cost of your wedding photos will vary considerably from one photographer to another.  Some factors that can drive the price up are the photographer’s years of experience, reputation, and geographical area.

On the average, for a whole day of shooting, which usually includes the wedding preparations, the marriage ceremony, couple’s shots, and shots of the reception – the cost will be around 1500 euros.  If this seems like a lot, you should keep in mind that, once you go home, the photographer will still be working at least one extra day to choose and edit your photos.  You can try and cut costs by requesting only certain portions of the wedding day be shot and not the entire thing.

What should you ask the photographer?

Before you make your decision, you should ask to look at work samples from several different photographers.  Narrow down your choices to the photographer’s whose work make you say “This is exactly what I want for my wedding!”

If you find a photographer whose photos match you expectations, you should then talk to them to make sure that they take the photos that you want.  Make sure they understand your ideas and what you want to see and that they don’t impose their own ideas.  While it’s okay for them to make suggestions on different, more creative ways to capture your special day, in the end your marriage is yours.  The photographer should be there to answer your desires and understand your expectations and take photos that match.

Here are some important questions that you need to ask your photographer.  If they can answer these questions to your satisfaction, hire them,

  • How long will it take?
  • How many photos will you give?
  • What sort of photos will you take?
  • Will you retouch the photos?
  • In what definition will the final photos be?
  • Will you provide digital files?
  • When will we receive the final photos?
  • What draws are included?
  • Does your advertised rate already include VAT?

What type of photo style do you want?

When you look at photos of a wedding, do you like the photo’s where the guests are not looking at the camera? Or do you prefer the one’s where the guests are carefully posed?  You need to decide and tell the photographer how you would want certain photos to be taken.

For example, you can ask them to take pictures of the guests as they enter or each of the guests at their tables.  You can also ask your photographer to block an hour for a real photo shoot where you and your families and witnesses can take a series of photos.

If, however, you prefer spontaneous photos of candid and stolen moments, make sure you choose a photographer who specializes in that sort of shot.  A real good photographer can take candid shots without you even realizing they are there.

Finally, here are two more valuable tips to choosing the best wedding photographer for you:

  • Pick your wedding photographer early. Don’t want to find that the photographer of your dreams has already been booked solid for wedding season.
  • To make sure that your photographer manages to capture shots of the really important people in your life, for example, your blonde, blue-eyed grandmother, consider sending your photographer photos of these people beforehand. That way, on the day itself, you can be sure your photographer will be looking out for these people and will take good shots of them.
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Top Tips For A Successful Gala Evening

Every year, you find yourself facing a similar problem, after an event or congress ends – how do you mark the event?  After every event, you need to organize an official gala evening.  A gala evening will help you highlight and celebrate the work that you have accomplished.

A gala evening is an important part of a successful event and you need to carefully plan and prepare for it. A gala evening doesn’t just mark the end of an important company event; it also lays the basis for your company’s future endeavors.

A gala evening is a simple and effective way to thank your employees and celebrate their achievements. This corporate party is also a good way to establish your company’s character and highlight its value.

In this post, we’re going to share with you a list of steps that you should take in order to organize a successful gala evening.

  1. Chose a theme

You want to arrange a gala evening that is fun, original, and memorable. Choose a theme that is not just lively and fun but also reflects what is important to your company and its employees. You want something that fits your company and its culture. You should also try and highlight you company’s values.  Once you choose a theme, you should easily be able to choose the food, music, and activities for the gala.

Remember, the theme should elicit positive emotions in the participants such as nostalgia, enthusiasm, pride, and happiness.

  1. Choose a location

After choosing your theme, you then need to choose a space that can accommodate your plan’s for the evening.  You need to choose a place that is not only attractive, but a place where you can easily arrange the activities you want such as dancing, cocktails, speeches, games, etc.

Another thing to consider when choosing a location for your gala evening is how you will decorate the space. You want to be able to personalize the room.  For example, you might want to decorate in your company’s colors or incorporate your company logo.

For a memorable event, you might also try having your gala evening in a memorable location.  You don’t have to stick to conference rooms or ballrooms.  Try having your gala evening in a historic restaurant or beautiful garden.  Remember, you want to create a unique and memorable experience for your participants.

  1. Choose activities

Once you have your theme and venue, the time has come to choose the activities.  The activities you line up for your gala evening will set the tone and atmosphere of your event.  Indeed, these activities are most likely what will set your event apart and what the participants will remember for a long time.

The activities you choose should be timely and attractive.  They should create a positive atmosphere and leave positive memories.

  1. Arrange invitations and giveaways

The first step to making sure your event happens according to an orderly timeline is to make sure that you send out informative and timely invites.  You need to inform you invitees of the event in advance so that they will know to save the date.

Create invites that are not just timely but also give the invitees an idea as to what the event is about.  The invites should reflect the theme of the event.  It is also a good idea to give invitees all the information they need.  Make sure your invite clearly states the time and venue.  A rough program of activities will also help drum up enthusiasm among your invitees.

Having some sort of giveaway that your guests can take with them after they leave the event is also a wise move to make.  This will help them remember the pleasant evening they spent at your event.

You might also want to use social media, a Twitter Hashtag, or a Instagram page to make sure that the event stays fresh in your invitees minds.

Gala evenings are not just appreciated but are often times expected after a successful event.  It is important to have one that evokes positive feelings among the participants as this strengthens internal bonds and conveys a positive external image. Make sure your gala evening highlights what you have already accomplished and touches on the goals that you still wish to achieve.

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Custom Decorations for Events

Decorations are an important element for an event, they should not be neglected.  Décor choices can make the difference between an event being bland and forgettable or an unforgettable masterpiece.  The proper decorations for an event require attention and an eye to detail.  Every aspect of event décor, from the color of the table cloths and they types of tables, needs to be planned and coordinated.

It is wrong to think that an event comes together just due to the quality of the entertainment offered. Good and appropriate event entertainment is easy to attain, with good advice and with good knowledge of who your guests are and the latest trends.

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What really makes a difference to your event, make it truly unforgettable, are the details placed on the event decorations.  You need to be careful to ensure that the decorations aren’t just beautiful, but that they convey the message you want to send with your event.

Why are you organizing an event? The answer can be clear and simple: you are organizing it to give pleasure and give your guests the gift of a special and cherished memory.  But that is not the only reason to organize an event.  Though your event, you are also looking to communicate a message about your business.  An event can deliver an effective message about a new promotion or part of a brand marketing campaign.  An event can tell your guests about your company’s image, your values, and your positioning.  You want your event to highlight positive things about your company.  You also want your event to make a positive impression on your guest and as such, you don’t want to arrange an event that is banal and quickly forgotten.

In order to throw an event that will stick in your guest mind, you need to create an environment that is magical, enchanting and will create a fantastic memory.

By ensuring your event venue is decorate beautifully and appropriately, you can leave a good impression in your guests mind.  You need to illuminate or darken a room to create an appropriate atmosphere and create an comfortable and beautiful place for your guests to mingle.  You need to have rich and beautiful decorations to add to the atmosphere you want to create.  Your ultimate goal is to create a unique universe for your guest to occupy that makes them want to talk and mingle and create connections.  By taking care of your décor, you simulate their senses and help them remember the event fondly.

Though the use of décor you will enhance the events atmosphere.  You want your event to seem personal and to create a unique memory.  A good way to create an unforgettable image with positive associations to your company is to incorporate your brand colors in your event decorations.

How to decorate your event?

First, think about the entertainment you want to provide and the overall theme you want to have for your event.  Your decorations should match your ideas on what kind of event you want to have.

You can also start from the other end, think of a general theme and then start thinking of what kind of entertainment you want to provide and then what kind of décor you need to fit your theme.

You can get a lot of inspiration from sites such as Pinterest on themes and decorations for events.  Don’t forget, it’s important to be trendy and up-to-date when throwing an event.  Going to sites such as Pinterest will help you know what is “fashionable” for events now.

Personalization of decorations for events are also important. You can personalize your event by ensuring that you incorporate elements of your company branding in the décor.  You can use your logo and other branding design elements in your décor.


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Organizing corporate events

What to organize a company event but don’t know how to start? Follow this guide and ask yourself these questions.

Why are you organizing a company event?

When organizing a company event, you need to start with a clear purpose.  Are you organizing a seminar to promote team bonding? Are you inaugurating a new place or product? Are you celebrating a birthday or a company anniversary?

Deciding why you are throwing a company event is important as it will determine how you proceed. You don’t organize the same event for all purposes. The details of the event – who to invite, the decorations, the entertainment, the food and the budget will depend on making this first decision.

What is your budget?

The budget you need to set is dependent on the type of event you are planning.  How much you can and are willing to spend will impact the quality of your event.  Different venues, caterers, entertainers, decorators will charge you different rates. Decide on your budget and choose the service providers that will give you the quality you want for the budget you have.

What kind of food will you serve and how?

There are a variety of ways you can provide your guests with food, choose the one that matches your event type.

A sit-down dinner

A sit-down dinner is the pricier option but, it is also the most intimate. Seating your guests down for a meal allows them to hold real discussions around the table and in small groups. Once the dinner is over, you will want to provide some entertainment, such as dancing which will bring your guests to continue their good time.

A cocktail party

A cocktail party is the most popular choice for a corporate party. This will allow your guest to stroll around, sampling the food and drink, while chatting with different people and enjoying the entertainment provided. The cocktail party is also a little cheaper than a sit-down dinner.

A buffet spread

A buffet is an alternative solution that combines elements of the sit-down dinner and the cocktail party. If you are holding the event to launch a new food product, it’s also a great way to show off the product and give people a taste of what you have created.

How to connect everything?

Planning an event means you have to think about a lot of things – finding a venue, finding a caterer, finding equipment, finding entertainment.  There is also the coordination during the event itself. It’s not easy.  One of the best and most efficient ways to make sure your event comes together smoothly and happens just the way you want it to is to use an event planning agency.  While an agency fee’s might be an additional expense, in the long run you will actually save time and money as event agency know where to find the best local providers. They might even be able to get you a venue and other event needs at a lower price than if you had tried to do it yourself.  Hire an event planning agency, tell them what kind of event you want, then sit back and enjoy your company event.

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