Corporate event

Looking for a good idea for a business evening? In collaboration with its partners, Venice-etc offers different types of corporate events: original company evening, VIP evening, prestigious evening, gala evening, themed turnkey evening, evening show, or a simple dinner at a private restaurant with or without entertainment.

As an event organizer, we bring our experience and advice to help you organize a company party that is suited to the profile of your participants and your budget.  We can arrange an event venue, or reserve a private restaurant, we can also arrange evening entertainment and cocktails.

Check out our site. If you can’t find a company evening idea that suits you, just contact us and tell us exactly what you desire or need and we will arrange an original company evening just for you.  At Venice-etc. we can promise you a corporate event held in an original place, with unique entertainment, and a creative theme that will reflect your company’s values and culture.

Lunch at the Luxembourg Palace on the occasion of the Venice Architecture Biennale


See the testimonials left on Google+ Authorization of publication of photographs on the Venice-etc website is agreed by our clients/ Feedback: Venice-etc places large importance on the testimonials of [...]

Team building in Venice – 08/2014


Témoignage Bruno de Vasselot (Directeur de l’agence événementielle Cap Horizon) : Très bonne coordination de Christelle (venice-ect) pour un séminaire d’entreprise « cohésion de groupe » très réussi et apprécié par notre client [...]

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