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Honeymoon in Venice

There is no honeymoon destination more worthy of the name than Venice. It’s here that one comes when madly in love: to Venice, the ultimate romantic town, the love capital! In the north-east of Italy, memorable Venice is spread out, embedded among the canals. Gondolas, carnivals and Saint Mark’s Square: Venice always evokes magical images. Request the services of [...]

Marriage anniversary in Venice

Renew your marriage vows or share how you want to say "yes" again in your marriage anniversary. For some years now, married couples use the opportunity of their marriage anniversary to renew their marriage vows. A ceremony can be the best way to celebrate a marriage anniversary and allow the married couple to relive the emotions and memories of that [...]

Marriage proposal in Venice

Not sure how to propose to your significant other? Venice-etc can organize your marriage proposal for you in Venice in a unique and special way. What matters the most, is the element of surprise. Here are some original ideas that will make your proposal an unforgettable memory 1. Propose on a Venice gondola accompanied by music and roses. 2. Have your [...]

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