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How to choose an event planner?

You are organizing an event and are starting to feel overwhelmed and panicky. Between the service providers, the venue, the caterer and other event requirements, there are so many people you need to talk to and so many things you need to arrange!

A good way to cope with the stress of event planning is to hire an event planner, but how do you know which event planner to choose?

The one of which you are envious of

The first place to start is to the internet. Lookup event planners.  Most planners will have a webpage that will show you pictures and descriptions of past events they have planned. You’re going to have access to photos, videos, and customer reviews. Take a look at all of them and choose the planners who’s events you are envious of, who’s events look like something you yourself wish you had arranged. Think, what do you want your event to look like? Then choose the event planner who has arranged similar events.

The one that inspires you

While you are looking at a planner’s website, let your imagination run wild.

“Here is a great looking place.”

“The country department will love that animation.”

“If we could have this music, this lighting, that animation in this place, the event will be perfect!”

If, as you are looking at a planner’s page, you feel that something you see is exactly what you want to have in your event, if the planner inspires you they are the right planner for you to choose.

The one that can tailor an event to your needs

An event planner that offers readymade events is fine, but sometimes it is better to have a planner who will work with you to build an event especially for you.  Go for an event planner that is willing to personalize or customize details according to your needs. You want an event that reflects your company’s values, is tailored to your guests, and includes activities everyone will enjoy.  Choose an event planner that is willing to take your specific needs and wants into consideration.

The one that will listen to you

The first contact with an event planner is important. You should feel, even during your initial meeting that this planner will really listen to you.  Remember, you want a planner who is willing to design an event according to what you need and want. A planner who will listen to you, accommodate your ideas, and be able to contribute ideas that will work with your vision is the planner you should choose.

Choosing an event planner may sound complicated, especially since there are so many out there with good references and great looking webpage’s, so in the end choosing your event planner is a matter of choosing someone who you feel understands your vision.  Choose someone with who you can work with to come up with an event that will meet your expectations.

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The Incentive Journey: From A to Z

What better way is there to energize and motivate your team then an incentive journey? A short but unforgettable break that will become a fond and treasured memory.  If you have the budget for it, an incentive journey, is a great way to strengthen bonds between a company and its employees.

An incentive is a way to reward and motivate employees. The idea of the incentive has existed since the early 1980s in France and has since spread to other countries. The idea behind the incentive is to improve employee performance by rewarding them.

There are several different types on incentives.  One is team building, which deepens the bonds of understanding between the members of an organization.  Another is the adventure activity, which allows members to get to know each other by working towards a common goal outside of their normal activities. In this article, were going to talk about the incentive known as the incentive journey.

Between innovation and animation: A tailor-made trip

An incentive journey is not improvised; the project manager in charge of planning the trip must know the general policies of the company and the current trends. It’s important to be creative and innovative when planning an incentive journey to make sure that it satisfies the needs of the participants.

The choice of destination and the activities: Essential

An incentive journey gives its participants an opportunity to act like tourists, something that isn’t really included in other company sponsored events.  It’s therefore very important to choose the destination wisely.  You want to choose a relaxing place where people can get a break from their routine.  You should also choose the activities that will be available. You should aim to include activities that will have a beneficial impact on the minds of the participants and allow them to perform better.

Catering and accommodation: A preference for the atypical

Try to choose unusual places that bring new experiences for your employees, such as an underwater restaurant in the Maldives or a restaurant build of ice in Finland or a hotel cabin in India’s Wild Canopy reserve.

Many companies find it beneficial to use a travel agency that specializes in arranging incentive journeys.  This way, all they have to do is choose a date for the journey, the agency takes care of arranging the travel arrangements and the activities at the destination.

The concept of an incentive journey is growing in popularity and it is seen as a great way to improve the performance of a company by taking care of its most valuable asset – its people. After all, a happy and motivated employee is an efficient employee!

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Gifts for your guests: a welcome gesture

Organizing an event requires careful planning and attention to details. The aim is to create an event that will leave your guests with happy memories.

One way to make sure that your event is memorable for your guest is to make sure that they don’t leave with empty hands.  Whatever the nature of your event, it is always nice if you prepare gifts that your guest can take home with them.  That kind of attention has a good effect and will make sure your guest leave with positive feelings about your event.

A beneficial strategy

If you are planning a corporate event, it is important to realize that the gifts you give to your guests could have an impact on your event and on your company’s reputation. First, the prospect of receiving gifts and goodies could be a factor that will raise interest in your event and entice more people to attend. This is particularly true for events that are open to the public.

Another reason for giving gifts to your guests is it allows you to thank them for attending your event.  Of course, sometimes the event itself is a gift, such as if a corporation organizes a party or cocktail reception to congratulate employees for a successful turnover or commercial operation.  Giving a gift on those occasions is still a good idea as it reinforces the feeling that the employees are being recognized for their hard work and are appreciated by the corporation.

Offering a gift during your event also makes it possible for you to increase your company’s daily visibility.  Whether it’s a mug, a pair of sunglasses, or any other sort of goody as long as it’s marked with  logo, it ensures that your company remains on your guests mind long after the event itself has ended.

Giving away gifts can also be a way to make your event more fun and lively. You can organize a game or contest with your guests getting gifts as prizes for participating. Adding some entertainment to your event will make it more memorable for your guests.

What gifts to give?

Before deciding what gift to give, take a minute to think about the persons who are going to receive them.  The gift should be pleasing, original and appropriate to the event.

There are a lot of different gifts that can be given during an event that will fit your budget.  Some of the most common are: mugs, pens, cards, bracelets, phone cases, notebooks, key holders, etc.

Consumable gifts are also appreciated: wines, spirits, local products, garnished baskets, sweets, etc.

Beauty or hygiene products are also good gifts for events: creams, make-up, perfumes, beauty accessories, etc.

If your budget allows for it, you can give more substantial technological gifts: mini-drones, cameras, virtual reality helmets, touchscreens, etc. These gifts, being more expensive, are ideal as prizes for games. They can be given to the winners and smaller, less expensive gifts, given to the other guests.

Giving gifts to your guests is a good way to make sure they leave your event with a positive impression. They will make sure that your company remains in the minds of your guests. Make sure to devote a part of your entire event budget to ensuring that you have good gifts to give to your guests.

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The Trend: Hire a Wedding Officiant

Want to avoid the church but keep the ceremony? Hire a wedding officiant!

According to the organizers of the recently concluded Paris Wedding Fair, having an officiant perform a secular ceremony is going to be the wedding trend of 2017.

The concept of having a wedding officiant originated in the United States and the trends growing popularity can been seen in the proliferation of sites specializing in secular ceremonies. A wedding officiant can be an actor, a facilitator, or even a member of your family. The role of an officiant is a bit like that of a priest’s during a religious ceremony. An officiant’s role is to set the rituals and coordinate the speeches, they might even write the speeches.  An officiant helps the couple create a unique ceremony that matches their vision. Some may also coordinate with the caterer, florist, DJ, and other persons involved in arranging the couples wedding day.

One thing you need to remember is, in the eyes of the law, an officiant is a sufficient replacement for a priest but this is not the case with the registrar.  You are still going to have to go through town hall for your marriage to be considered valid.

The Wedding March is the official music for weddings. The best known version is the one of Mendelssohn. He wrote it in 1842 for the Shakespeare play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Another popular piece of music to use is Wagner’s “Here Comes The Bride” from the opera Lohengrin. There is also “Pachelbel’s Canon” which was composed in 1677.  There are also wedding marches composed by Camille Saint-Saëns, Vierne or Alexandre Guilmant.

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