What better way is there to energize and motivate your team then an incentive journey? A short but unforgettable break that will become a fond and treasured memory.  If you have the budget for it, an incentive journey, is a great way to strengthen bonds between a company and its employees.

An incentive is a way to reward and motivate employees. The idea of the incentive has existed since the early 1980s in France and has since spread to other countries. The idea behind the incentive is to improve employee performance by rewarding them.

There are several different types on incentives.  One is team building, which deepens the bonds of understanding between the members of an organization.  Another is the adventure activity, which allows members to get to know each other by working towards a common goal outside of their normal activities. In this article, were going to talk about the incentive known as the incentive journey.

Between innovation and animation: A tailor-made trip

An incentive journey is not improvised; the project manager in charge of planning the trip must know the general policies of the company and the current trends. It’s important to be creative and innovative when planning an incentive journey to make sure that it satisfies the needs of the participants.

The choice of destination and the activities: Essential

An incentive journey gives its participants an opportunity to act like tourists, something that isn’t really included in other company sponsored events.  It’s therefore very important to choose the destination wisely.  You want to choose a relaxing place where people can get a break from their routine.  You should also choose the activities that will be available. You should aim to include activities that will have a beneficial impact on the minds of the participants and allow them to perform better.

Catering and accommodation: A preference for the atypical

Try to choose unusual places that bring new experiences for your employees, such as an underwater restaurant in the Maldives or a restaurant build of ice in Finland or a hotel cabin in India’s Wild Canopy reserve.

Many companies find it beneficial to use a travel agency that specializes in arranging incentive journeys.  This way, all they have to do is choose a date for the journey, the agency takes care of arranging the travel arrangements and the activities at the destination.

The concept of an incentive journey is growing in popularity and it is seen as a great way to improve the performance of a company by taking care of its most valuable asset – its people. After all, a happy and motivated employee is an efficient employee!