incentive veniceTo strengthen the team, to improve the sales and communication teams, to manage authority and develop motivation: your expectations are our objectives. Experience that will bring out the sense of challenge and emotions: the key for intrinsic growth of group spirit.

Outdoor training brings groups of people outside the company in a series of activities to improve the relationship-building ability of all elements of a working group: working with men for their development and working on the growth of its own company. We create and achieve creative team building and adventure team building. We are specialized in this type of event. These are our preferences: always unique, fun, stimulating and alternative.

We organize Incomings to visit Venice’s “Sérinissime” for all chosen groups, making their journey emotionally unique. To motivate the groups, we have set up a few exercises and challenges. The team who manages to go through these exercises on site will be the winner!

Creative Team building organisation

team building venice cooking course

Our creative Team buildings are colourful, fantasy-filled projects where each participant can express with the greatest creativity. We have thought up formats for you to give life to your own inspiration: whether in culinary or workshop form in the creation of Venetian masks. The latter will demand your own artistic sense to complete a painting that reproduces the exact colours, shapes and original styles.

Adventure Team building organisation

Adventure team building always takes place outside where it is possible to organise light tests such as orientation courses, treasure hunts or incentive in venice canoe veniceactivities with real physical tests such as rafting, trekking or the Ferrata way in the Dolomite mountains … facing physically challenging activities and succeeding in them allows all participants to come back later in the context of work with greater confidence in their own abilities.

Incoming in Venice

Days, years, centuries…the Venice Serenissima crosses the ages. Giving our guests interesting, cultural and stimulating experiences when visiting it is always our mission. What do you say about spending a day between a visit of St. Mark’s Basilica, a Venetian mask workshop, a visit of the lagoon islands and a helicopter flight over the lagoon?