Aside from pizza and the pasta, Italy is the country of marriage.  Despite crisis conditions, Italians love to get married to proclaim their feelings to the world.

Love conquers all in Italy, even the economic crisis.

According to ISTAT 2012, the country saw more than 203000 weddings in 2011. Even in the midst of hard times, Italians are in love and want nothing more to declare that love through the world by getting married.

In order to facilitate this love of weddings, ask for the services of a wedding planner.

How choosing a professional one ?

wedding planning is not a profession that you learn with only three or four days of training.  Wedding planners are not just people who know how to make bows and cookies but professionals with strong organization skills and the ability to problem solve.

A wedding planner needs to be prepared to shoulder the burden of ensuring that a couple’s dream wedding goes the way they want and with what they want.

A good wedding planner is not something that only the so called “rich” can afford but someone who knows how to get the best possible effects regardless of the budget imposed.  A wedding planner must be knowledgeable of the market and suppliers, and be able to get the bride and groom the best possible products available at a price that is within their budget.