One of the best ways to have a successful corporate event is to choose a great venue.  You want your event to be the site of memorable meetings – where new connections can be made and old connections validated.

Your choice of venue can make or break your event.  Choosing the appropriate venue can help ensure the event runs smoothly and will have an impact on your budget.

When considering a corporate event venue, have the answers to the following questions firmly in hand:group event

1. How many guests/participants?

Sure, the venue has a nice, cozy patio with a great view of the water.  It will serve as a lovely backdrop for cocktails, but will your guest fit?

Before you commit to a lovely venue, you need to ask the venue owners how many people it can accommodate.  How many tables and chairs can be set up? How many rooms for overnight guests? How many parking slots? If the venue’s answers to these questions don’t match up with how many people your’re expecting, you’re going to need to find another venue.

2. What are the event’s technological needs?

Wide bay windows let in fresh air and soft natural light, but are there curtains to draw that can block out that light so a PowerPoint can be flashed and seen?

Determine ahead of time what you will need in terms of technology and see if the venue can accommodate those needs. Free Wi-Fi? Enough plugs or electrical outlets for the audio and visual equipment? Does the venue have a sound system or will you need to bring one?  If your venue can’t help you provide your guests with what they need, you’ll need another venue.

3. What about food and drink?corporate

A rustic B&B might have a fantastic breakfast setup, but will it provide strategic planning sessions with snacks and coffee?

During a corporate event, you want guests to stay in the area for a certain period of time, so they will be expecting and needing refreshments.  Will your venue prepare coffee and tea during meetings?  Does it have a dinning area? A lunch or dinner buffet?  Is there a bar where the mixer event can take place? Can the the venue staff help you find a caterer or make dinner reservations for you in a nearby restaurant?  If your venue can’t help you with refreshments, you might want to find another venue.

4. When are you having your event?

Before you plan a gala dinner in a private garden, ask what the best time is to be in that venue.  If they tell you it gets cold in the evening but is  shady and breezy in the morning, consider a brunch instead.

The “when” can be an important factor in keeping the budge down. Be aware of peak seasons in your possible venue to ensure that your event can be accommodated.  Also, during off-seasons, many venues offer discounts or special rates.  It’s worth looking into.

5. Will you need an event organizer?

An event organizer is a good investment, especially if their “native” to the venue area.  They know the area and local suppliers and can help you find the best deals.  They can also do a lot of the groundwork for you ensuring that – when you get to the venue – your event gets off to a smooth start.

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