Dear Christelle and Francesca, Firstly I want to thank you for taking such an important occasion, our wedding day – with all of the stress that is involved in planning that no-one tells you about – and bringing your calm and reassuring attitude. Speaking to you as we navigated the process, with the benefit of all of your experience enabled me to believe it would all be fine.
Our day wasn’t fine. Fine doesn’t even begin to describe our experience – Our wedding was breathtakingly beautiful and unforgettable in the very best possible way.
Having you ready to help with every query I had (and there were a lot), made navigating the intimidating idea of an overseas wedding so simple. In planning our wedding, every person who could possibly help with the decision making process was in another country, leaving us alone to make so many decisions. A process that was made so much clearer and achievable with your experience and skill. Whenever I spoke with you through each step of the wedding planning, I felt reassured and as though it would all be possible.
I could imagine few more breathtakingly beautiful locations for any celebration. To have the privilege of celebrating our wedding in Venice was a dream come true, not only for my husband and I, but a true gift to all of our guests as well.
I wanted to let you know that without your skill and patience with a total wedding novice, our day wouldn’t have even been possible.
Sincerely thank you. x
Mrs Elisabeth Parker