Much of Venice’s reputation for magic and romance lies in its unique atmosphere. With its network of arching bridges over winding canals leading to tiny narrow lanes that take you to charming squares, grand ancestral homes and quaint churches – turning a corner in Venice can lead you to places that you just won’t find in any other city in the world.

Venetians are proud of the refined modernity and carefully preserved cultural heritage of their city.  The quiet dreamy atmosphere of Venice makes it a great place to have a truly unforgettable luxury wedding.  Need more convincing? Well here are 5 reasons why Venice is a great luxury wedding venue

  1. Palazzowedding georges clooney venice

The grand Venetian families of the 15th and 18th centuries were some of the most powerful, rich and stylish of that milieu and their palazzo was a status symbol.

Many of Venice’s palazzi have been lovingly maintained by their owners and are now open for you to rent for your luxury wedding in Venice.  Stay in a palazzo that has been converted to hotel or try renting out your own personal palazzo as a wedding or reception venue.

Fun fact, the Ca’Farsetti is a 14th century palazzo that isn’t a home anymore but is the town hall.  When George and Amal Clooney had their luxury wedding in Venice, they had their civil ceremony there.

  1. Travelling by water

Sometimes, it’s the journey not the destination, and in Venice, you can make the journey to the place where you’re going to profess your eternal love as magical and unforgettable as the event itself. Travelling by water taxi all throughout Venice – to you hotel to the wedding site to the reception venue – wherever you want to go during your luxury wedding in Venice, do it with Venetian style and travel by water.

Fun fact, many of the prominent Venetian families had private water entrances to their palazzi.  If you choose to have your luxury wedding in Venice in palazzi or rent one to stay, you can arrive and depart from your own private entrance.

  1. The weather

Venice has a relatively temperate climate; temperatures rarely rise over 35 degrees Celsius during the day and rarely go below freezing.

Fun fact, if you always wanted to be a June bride, well June is one of the best months to be in Venice weather-wise.  The daily maximum temperature ranges is about 25 Celsius in June and the days are bright and sunny.trouwen-venetie

  1. Murano glass and Burano lace and carnival masks

Venice has a wealth of crafts and products that you can choose from that can serve as unique and unforgettable mementos.  By sourcing locally, you can save yourself the effort of buying and bringing things from home.

Fun fact, Murano and Burano are islands near Venice that are so famous for their artisans, that what they produce is named after the area – Murano glass and Burano lace.  Try arranging a visit for you and your guests and you can see the artisans at work.

  1. Cap it off with a little magic

Venice is a magical and romantic city.  There are nooks and crannies all over that is prefect for special moments to enjoy with your loved ones.  Fun fact, some of these romantic places are magic.  Why not pay them a visit cap off your luxury wedding in Venice

trouwen italiaTake a gondola ride to the Bridge of Sighs. Legend has it lovers are granted eternal love if they kiss on a gondola at sunset.

Sotoportego dei Preti is a small passageway between two houses where you can see a small heart is carved just above the low-arc of the entry way.   Lovers who touch the heart together will have eternal love.

Bonus fact, the Sotoportego dei Preti is great for your single guest as well.  If they touch the heart, they will find love within one year.

There are a lot of reasons to have your luxury wedding in Venice, and we can help ensure that it won’t be hard at all.  Contact us, let us work our magic, and you can have the wedding of your dreams.