Queen Victoria

1900’s – Queen Victoria

Stumped as to what to wear on your big day? Take some inspiration from history and check out the various looks that the stylish bride of each decade has worn as they take that walk down the aisle.

The Fairmont Hotel and Resorts group created an infographic “Wedding Dresses Through Time”to serve as an illustrated guide to what the fashionable bride wore and why.

This guide covers the decades from 1900 to 2010 and is also full of interesting trivia such as:

* 1900’s was when the white wedding dress really came to the forefront after Queen Victoria wore one for her wedding to Prince Albert.

* The 1910’s was when MaxFactor opened his first studio and introduced the fashionable bride to mascara and eye shadow.

1920’s short wedding dress

1920’s short wedding dress

* The 1920’s were the only decade when a short wedding dress was really considered fashionable. This was in keeping with the “flapper” look that was popular at the time.

* The Depression in the 1930’s didn’t stop the fashionable bride, but it did influence her. The practical but fashionable bride opted for rayon rather than silk and a hat rather then a veil. A bride also chose her dress with the intention of eventually dyeing or modifying it to use again.

*The war time conditions of the 1940’s made practicality a key condition for weddings. The creative but fashionable bride used furnishing fabrics in her dress and veil.

*In the 1950’s Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco and her high collared, long lace sleeved and full skirted gown is considered one of the most elegant of all time.

1950’s Grace Kelly

1950’s Grace Kelly

* In the “space age”decade of the 1960’s metallic embellishments became the thing. This included tiaras, which became a fashionable wedding accessory.

* The “me decade” of the 1970’s led to a more individualistic approach to bridal fashions. Though dresses and even dress material were varied, most brides stuck to one of two make-up trends – natural or 1920’s with statement eyes and bold lip color.

* Princes Diana wed Prince Charles in the 1980’s and the wedding of the century influenced the wedding dress of the days. Cathedral trains, full length veils, lace edged frills and over sized shoulders were found in this decades stylish wedding gowns.

*Carolyn Bessette Kennedy married “American royalty” JFK Jr. in a simple silk sheath, setting the trend for the minimalist style seen in the 1990’s.

* The 2000’s saw the rise of destination weddings, and the popularity of strapless or sleeveless gowns.  Destination weddings saw the ceremonies moving away from churches – and church dress codes which required shoulders to be covered.

* Royalty again influenced wedding dress styles in 2010 as Kate Middleton brought veils draping the face back in when she married Prince William in a long, lacy, fingertip length veil.

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