With an overseas wedding, it’s easier to keep to wedding intimate. as the guests are more likely to be those closest to you.

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The number of people getting married abroad is on the increase as the cost of an overseas wedding is much lower than UK-based nuptials.

Around one-in-five Brits are getting married in foreign climes as the event costs an average of £7,000 compared to around £20,000 in the UK.

Getting away to a holiday resort for a cheaper wedding can save couples money, but it is important to take precautions as unexpected events can leave the out-of-pocket.

Overseas wedding insurance can help cover couple in case of loss or damage to the wedding dress, rings and even gifts in transit, inclement weather that prevents the nuptials taking place on the planned day.

Wedding cover can also covers costs should the event need to be cancelled or rearranged due to illness or bereavement and problems at the venue that mean the contract cannot be fulfilled.

Anyone considering an overseas wedding should take out cover as soon as a date is set as most insurers cover weddings up to two years in advance.

See on www.my-weddinginsurance.co.uk