When it comes to picking a wedding venue, a view of the water and the historical significance of a site are huge considerations for couples.

That’s the finding of The Wedding Report, a group of wedding market researchers who look at the latest trends and statistics regarding how couples are choosing to tie the knot.

According to their findings, waterview venues are in with today’s couples, with 33.2 percent of couples surveyed saying that they love waterview venues.

View on Grand Canal

A view overlooking an ocean, bay, harbor or lake is considered a romantic and fanciful backdrop to a couples dream wedding.

The calm of the water, the soothing breezed, and the majesty of the sky – including the spectacular colors of the sunrise and sunset – over the horizon are all nice additions to the general atmosphere of a wedding.

Being near the water also provides wedding guests and the wedding party with alternative activities to make not just the day of the wedding but the days leading up to the wedding memorable.  Instead of a rehearsal dinner in a restaurant, why not have it while cruising on a yacht?  Or have the reception at the beach?

All in all, no matter what kind of water surrounds your venue, it provides a cool and relaxing atmosphere to start a new life.  And a great background for some unforgettably gorgeous pictures.

Another trend noted by The Wedding Report was that couples love it when their venue has a fascinating history.

A gorgeous estate is always a good place to have a wedding, but a gorgeous estate frequented by notable historic figures? Even better.

Couples love historical venues.  Of those surveyed, 34.4 percent said they loved the idea of a historical venue.

A good historical venue offers you a wealth of romantic and atmospheric touches that make it an unforgettable wedding spot.

One reason for the popularity of historical venues could be because these sorts of venues were built during a time when people paid great attention to details and design.  A good historical venue has preserved much of its old-world, old-time character – maintaining its gorgeous building facade, stunning door and window designs, ornate romantic characteristics such as fireplaces and balconies, fanciful details such as tapestries and mosaic tiling, and sprawling landscaping.

A historical venue has gorgeous and unforgettable architecture and – couples respond positively to that.  When the couple’s surveyed who answered that the loved historical venues were further asked WHY they loved them, the response was the loved the architecture.

The top three answers as to why they would want a historical venue for a wedding were: the architecture (33.9 percent), the story or history of the venue (12.5 percent), and the fact that it was unique (10.5 percent).

Here at Venice-etc., we’re well aware of the appeal of both a waterview venue and a historical venue and – we offer you a chance to have a wedding where you can experience both.  The city of Venice with its sprawling, carefully preserved palazzi and the serene network of canals offers you both a sense of history and the calm, cool backdrop of water.  Contact us today and we can help you arrange your perfect event in a historical, waterview venue.