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Treviso, Italy: an underrated gateway to Venice


VeniseVenice-etc’s insight: Treviso is a wealthy city with Roman origins. The charming city, about 30 kilometers north of Venice, not at all industrial, is home to the headquarters of clothing [...]

Treviso, Italy: an underrated gateway to Venice2016-10-25T21:50:00+02:00

Treviso: “Little Venice” Without the Crowds


VeniseVenice-etc’s insight: Treviso is a unique combination of landscapes, art, history, natural beauty, and good food, able to to remain in the heart of who walks through these sceneries, located a few kilometers [...]

Treviso: “Little Venice” Without the Crowds2016-10-25T21:50:07+02:00

Italy’s best church art


VeniseVenice-etc’s insight: Four of them in Venice, and one at Aquileia in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Read more on Telegraph […]

Italy’s best church art2016-10-25T21:50:08+02:00

How do Venetians drink coffee ?


VeniseVenice-etc’s insight: Venetians are drinking coffee “stretto”, which means very tight. You will have not more than 1 cm coffee in the bottom of the cup. […]

How do Venetians drink coffee ?2016-10-25T21:50:09+02:00
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