Looking forward to your perfect fairytale wedding?  Well before the big day, you need to pop the big question.

The best way to take the first step towards your dream wedding is to create the perfect wedding engagement and to do that, you need to propose right.  Think about the when, where and how of your perfect wedding engagement by taking the following steps.

When should you propose?

First Step:  Choose the right date to propose.

Your proposal should be special and one of the easiest ways to make sure its meaningful is to choose a date that is special to you both.

Special dates can be holidays such as Valentines or Christmas.  Dates that mean something to the both of you such as birthdays or anniversaries are also very sweet.

Wedding proposal in Venice in May 2014

Where should you propose?

Second step: Set the mood.

When thinking about where you should propose, you need to take into account what you and your partner both love to do and where you both love to be.

Choosing the right spot is essential to setting the mood.  You want your future spouse to feel happy, relaxed and understood.  The spot you propose in should have happy memories for the both of you.

Third step: Choose a special spot.

Some great spots would be someplace like the site of your first date, where you first met, a beautiful view you both discovered or a cozy restaurant you both enjoy.

While choosing a site where you already have beautiful memories is a great way to propose, another way would be to choose a new spot for unforgettable memories.

Use your knowledge of your partners likes and dislikes to create new memories for an unforgettable wedding proposal.

Do they like gardens? Find a garden you can walk hand in hand. until you get to the perfect romantic spot.

Do they like to eat? Take them to a restaurant.

Do they like to travel? Take a vacation to a romantic city.

How should you propose?

Fourth step: Think about your partner

You should get engaged and marry someone you know intimately – flaws and all.  This also means you know what they like and what they want.

Your perfect proposal is one that fits your partner and speaks to their interests, hopes and dreams.

By choosing the perfect date and place for the proposal, you’re already on the right track to a great marriage proposal, now you just have to create the perfect romantic scenario. Get them in the right mood and then pop the question.

Fith step: Find someone to help you create the perfect wedding engagement

A great place to pop the question would be the city of Venice. Not only is the location itself romantic, but there are a wealth of activities that are available to you in the city that can help you create a truly memorable proposal.

The simplest, most romantic proposal scenario you can look forward to is a romantic evening in a fancy restaurant with good food, candlelight, flowers and music.  A romantic, but uniquely Venetian proposal would be a gondola right just before sunset.

Whatever your ideal wedding scenario, Venice-etc. can help you see it come true.  Check out the rest of the page for ideas and testimonials from other people who choose Venice as the perfect place to begin their life together.