The carnival events will starts on January 23,2016 and will run through the Martedi Grasso ( or fat Tuesday) on February 9th. Here you can find the 12 core events : see the program. The final week-end of the festival is the most exiting. If you are looking for something fun to do, then come to Venice, as the celebration is one of most famous carnivals.

From January 23 – February 9, 2016, Venice will slough off the winter gloom and burst into life. During the Carnival (Carnevale), this most magical of cities fills with a mass of masked party-goers – posing and preening, dancing and philandering, in a slightly surreal re-invention of a great tradition of the city.

Glancing at the portrayals of 18th-century Venetian life in the works of Pietro Longhi or Gabriele Bella in the Querini Stampalia gallery ( or the Ca’ Rezzonico museum ( will reveal that that was exactly what Venice in its party prime was all about. It’s not for everybody. It can be intensely crowded, and rates in hotels and restaurants soar. But it is a unique occasion, and a great time to see the city in a new and exciting light.

When to visit the Venice Carnival

Those that get here mid-week during the first week might wonder what all the fuss is about: besides the skating rink in Campo San Polo and a handful of low-grade events in out-of-the-way corners, there’s not a lot to keep you busy. If it’s excitement you want, aim for the weekends, and the final weekend in particular.

Key dates

Venice Carnival parties and masked balls

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Carnevale: a history of masks

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