In Venice, one of the wedding tradition was for the bride to walk to the church in her second best wedding dress, saving her finest gown for the wedding dance at the reception, which was held later in the evening. In the procession to the church, the bride walked on the canal side, arm in arm with the “compare”, and the groom walked behind her arm in arm with the “comare”.

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Unquestionably, Italy is one of the most romantic destinations on the earth. Home to great cities, art, food and picture-perfect landscapes, today Italy has become one of the most favorite choices of couples to plan their destination wedding, and it’s not difficult to know why.

If you have also decided to tie the knot the knot amidst the stunning nature’s scenery of Italy, first let us know the traditions and myths of a typical Italian Wedding. Read on.

The Rehearsal Dinner

Well, before the pasta is served at the rehearsal dinner, the best man toasts or wishes the new couples-to-be for hundred years of good luck with a glass of Prosecco in one hand, which is an Italian counterpart of champagne.

Another most commonly heard toast in Italian wedding is ‘Evviva gli sposi!’, meaning ‘Hooray for the newlyweds!’. In Italy, the brides-to-be once put on a green dress on the evening of their wedding day to bring in good luck.

However, you may renew this tradition by wearing an emerald brooch or putting a green sash on your rehearsal wedding dress. If you are thinking of hiring a professional wedding planning service, you will get many more ideas or perhaps they may recommend you one of the best designers to prepare your wedding gown.

The Ceremony

A ribbon tied across the entrance of the church lets others know that your wedding is ongoing. A gullible Italian groom carries a small piece of iron in their pockets to stay clear of malicious spirits on their most special day of life, at the same time a bride rips her veils to bring in good luck.

Typical Italian weddings give less importance to bridal parties; there is always a good man a maid of honor, who becomes witnesses. But this doesn’t hold true when it comes to celebrating a destination wedding in Italy; you can celebrate it the way you want. A bride may rent a luxury villa and throw a bachelor party before her big day.

The Exit

The moment you exit the ceremony, the attendees will shout ‘Auguri!’, meaning ‘Best Wishes’, and clap; even the locals do the same thing even if they know you or not. You are bound to see a big crowd if your escape is a vintage Alfa Romeo. Follow the tradition of adorning the front grill with beautiful flowers to mark a new beginning of your life, rather roping clanging cans on the back.


Yes, food is the main focus of a wedding celebration in Italy too! Make sure you include fresh, seasonal dishes with hearty appetizers (like salami, olives and prosciutto) and mouth-watering entrees (like pastas with thick sauces, veal, and venison). And don’t forget to include wanda (bowties) in dessert menu; it is a fried dough covered in powdered sugar.


Pay a visit to the local wineries and sample the fine wines produced locally. And you may order best in quality vintage wines directly from the countryside of Italy to your reception party.

There are numerous wedding locations in Italy, that you are bound to get spoiled by choices. Don’t believe me? Start browsing the web today!

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