First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2015 was a great year for weddings. . . actually, any year is a good year for weddings and it looks like 2016 isn’t going to be an exception.

There are some truly exciting new wedding trends out there for 2016 and if you’re planning your wedding for this year, check out some of them below:

1.Glitter and shine

Metallic’s are going to be big in 2016.  Gold and silver – the metals and the colors – are staples of a wedding’s color palette but newer shades of bling – such as rose gold and copper will be making their appearance in everything from jewelry and dresses to stationary and decor.

gold and silver wedding decoration

2. Feathers

Designers have began to incorporate delicate feathers as accents to their gowns.  This rather unconventional element adds a bit of fun to your dress and the fluttery feathers lend a floaty, ethereal air to your entire look.

feathers gowns

3. V-Necks

Wide v-necks have been gracing the runways for a while now and they’ve started making their way into wedding dresses.  Designers like the way they can enhance your neck and collarbones as the way they can slim the figure.  Sexy but subtle.

v-neck wedding dress

4. Long tables

This year, move away from the traditional large round tables and seat your guest on long rectangular tables.  This will encourage different groups to interact instead of sticking to their own cliques at their own tables.

long table wedding

5. Station and Cocktail receptions

More couples will forgo the idea of formal sit-down dinners and opt for a station dinner or cocktail style reception.  By keeping the food and drink circulating among the guests they keep things lively and flowing.

station diner

6. Fresh picked flowers

For a truly fresh bridal bouquet, florists are encouraging weddings to use flowers that are local and in season – picked just as they bloom.

fresh picked flowers

7. Picking optional

Fresh, green and growing.  Potted trees, ferns, succulents and yes – potted flowers instead of picked flowers have been growing in popularity these past few years and it doesn’t look like we will be outgrowing that trend in 2016.

potted flowers

 8. Navy suits

Sometimes it seems like every other detail of a wedding can change but what the men wear.  This is not going to be the case in 2016 as Navy is now becoming the suit color of choice.  Classic and clean but very versatile, a rich Navy suit is the new black tie.

navy suit

9. Naked wedding cakes

Instead of being covered in layers of frosting that can make it too sweet and almost inedible, the wedding cakes of 2016 will have unfrosted sides.  The decor goes on top, with fresh flower adornments, berry toppings or a cake topper make a colorful statement.

naked cake

 10. Drones

A remote controlled photo drone is a very modern wedding trend that’s just going to grow in popularity in 2015.  A drone can capture photo’s from unique vantage points, giving you aerial views of your venue and the ceremony.

drone wedding

Here at Venice-etc, we can help you incorporate these trends and anything else you might want into the Venetian wedding of your dreams.  Contact us here.