A honeymoon spent in the romantic city of Venice. Venice is unique. This is the place that you must go. With its canals and gondolas, its amazing food not to mention its rich cultural and artistic history it is no wonder that this has long been a favorite destination for newlyweds.

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One of the most romantic things to do in Venice is to take a gondola ride. You can take a ride through the fascinating canals of the city. A relaxing ride will help bring you closer to your spouse as you begin your wonderful life together. The gondola will be decorated with flowers, and it is a great way to see the city of Venice.

One of the most photographed places in the world is St. Mark’s Square. You can feed the pigeons, or you can travel to the top of the bell tower and see remarkable views of the city. You can also visit Museo Correr and learn about the art and history of Venice. The square also includes Doge’s Palace and Campanile di San Marco.

While in the city, couples can enjoy paragliding, surfing, whale watching and sailing in a stunning setting. The ocean is gorgeous, and you can just sit holding hands with the one you love and watch the sun descend into the waters.

The Accademia Bridge is a romantic structure in the city. The wooden bridge looks over the Grand Canal, and you can witness some of the most incredible views of the city. It is quite a romantic atmosphere.

Giudecca Island is a relaxing and peaceful place for you to spend with your new spouse. You can find a secluded spot to capture some precious moments with the one you love. You can sit on one of the benches and enjoy the views.

If you want a nice walk along Venice’s southern shore, you need to visit Zattere. If you need to take a break, you can stop at one of the cafes and restaurants. The setting will be a romantic atmosphere.

Venice is home to fascinating museums, dazzling churches, exquisite architecture and entertaining street performers. The city is lined with fantastic and romantic restaurants, and you can just sit and watch people walk the streets of Venice. The city contains everything you want in a honeymoon, so it will be an unforgettable experience. See on 1stangel.co.uk