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The Enduring Traditions of Venice


The Horses of St. Mark's are the only exemple of quadriga, a team of 4 horses, to have survived from the antiquity. Author="Panorama Italia". See on www.panoramitalia.com Venetian streets are filled [...]

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The Magnificent Venetian Celebration of Carnival


VeniseVenice-etc’s insight: Known as the most important event to end this sumptuous Carnival, you cannot miss the famous “Ballo Del Doge” at Pisani Moretta. VIP ticket will cost you 1700€ [...]

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Legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice


VeniseVenice-etc's insight: Did you know that the legendary Harry's bar invented famous cocktails as well as famous dishes ? The drink is the Bellini, a mixture of white peach juice [...]

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